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Power Black Out at Popua affecting TBC’s transmission

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 01/02/2017

Construction work at the Popua Park caused a power blackout at the village cutting power to TBC’s Transmitter at Popua and cutting off temporarily, transmission of Radio Tonga One this morning.

The Operation Manager of Tonga Power Limited – Seti Chen told Radio Tonga News the power outage occurred at 9:00am this morning when a truck tried to offload soil at the Popua park.

The driver of the truck was not aware that the truck’s bucket was still standing but he tried to reverse and hit one of the High Voltage lines in the area.

This also caused damage to the transmitter of Radio Tonga at Popua causing disruption to its broadcast.

Chen says this damage will cost them more than TOP$2,000 to install a new electricity pole in the area and other work.

He said this is not the first disruption caused by the Construction in Popua to the power electricity in the area.

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