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Volunteer Vet returns to NZ after 2 years of working in Tonga

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 03/02/2017

It is vital for people to take good care of their pets especially dogs.

The issue was highlighted by Garry Killion a Volunteer Vet from NZ, during a farewell program with the Vet Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food, Forestry and Fisheries.

Mr Killion said, the two years he spent in Tonga, he has witnessed pet and farm animals brought in and most of them were either sick, or injured from a  road accident.

“…They’re brought in because they’re sick, the dogs, generally there’s a bad disease in Tonga, called parvo virus which kills many young puppies in Tonga, and we can’t prevent that because it’s very difficult to kill because it’s a virus and it attacks the animals very quick, causes them to stop eating, vomit a lot and have really bad diarrhea and they die. So that’s the dogs, often times we get road accidents and they are not nice. Lots of broken legs and others so those things are quite common. And all sorts of other things, worms, flees well lots of flees…”

He then urged people to address the issue by taking good care of their animals.

“…The most important thing with all the accidents that’s happening the dogs aren’t controlled. They’re left to roam around looking for food, all over the place and so, if the people took more care, put them inside their own yards and fed them properly there will be fewer accidents and there will be fewer complaints from tourist because the dogs are out there barking ad biting, fighting and causing a lot of noise during the night keeping them awake…”

Meanwhile Viliami Taufa of the Department says, Gary leaving is a loss to the Department, but they’re glad they got to work together with Gary where they learned lessons from him.

While Gary was with the Vet Department he was involved in many projects including looking for food that animals can eat to prevent viruses and others.

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