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Lord Lasike is awarded TOP$223,000 remuneration as an MP from 2012-2014 by the Supreme Court

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 03/02/2017

Chief Justice yesterday ruled that Lord Lasike is entitled to his remuneration and that he should have received as a Member of Parliament from 2012 to 2014.

A total of TOP$223,000 from July 9th 2012 to November 24th 2014.

There was no declaration on interest of the remuneration by Justice Owen Paulsen.

This was the result of the civil case against the Kingdom of Tonga when Lord Lasike sought his entitlement on his remaining term as noble’s representative to parliament.

It came after he won his appeal against his conviction and sentencing by Supreme Court and quashed by Court of Appeal for possession of ammunition without a license.

His Majesty at the time revoked his hereditary title but was restored by His majesty in Council in February 7th 2013 so Lasike retained his title since from July 9th 2012.

He was never reinstated to parliament despite several requests made but no reply was made to his submissions.

William Clive Edwards appeared for Lord Lasike while Solicitor General Sione Sisifa for the defendant.

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