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Asians living in Tonga say they feel safe living in the country

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 07/02/2017

 Majority of the Asians living in Tonga say they feel safe living in the country.

 This is a result of a survey conducted by the Tonga Police Taskforce Operation – Great Wall, which was set up late last year in response to a spate of violent attacks on Asian business people.

Speaking to Radio and Television Tonga News- ‘Emaloni Tongi a Senior Police Officer who’s leading the Taskforce says, late last year, many of the reported incidents were committed against Asians.

The survey was then designed to find out about safety issues and challenges that are specific to the Asian Community.

The result of the survey shows, many of the Asians say they feel safe as they are, and the relationships with the communities are good.

‘Emaloni then urged the people of Tonga to love these people and to avoid attacking and hurting them. 

Similar survey was also carried out on the outer islands of Ha’apai, ‘Eua and Vava’u.

Ministry of Police joined forces with officials from the Statistics department.

It is estimated that about 700 Asians are living in Tonga.       

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