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TCC yesterday marked its 16th anniversary

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 07/02/2017

TCC was established in February 2001, after 2 companies – Cable and Wireless and TTC or Tonga Telecommunication Cooperation were merged and became one of the government’s business enterprises.

Speaking to Radio Tonga News, the ACTING CEO of the company – Sione Veikoso says, throughout these 16 years, many challenges were faced and milestones were also achieved.

Sione Veikoso says, the company started and their main service was land line and mobile networks.

Now they have more services which are the fiber optic networks, providing high speed internet connection.

They started their internet services in 2013 with the capacity of 30mb per second         but now they have reached 500mb per sec

He also highlighted that TCC is the first ever company to use mobile Network in December 2001. In 2003 they upgraded to 3G model and currently they have upgraded to 4G.

Not only that, He says in 2001 they started with only 7 stations and now they have about 31.

However, he says, these changes and developments is part of the company’s move for Tonga to walk together with the world in the latest technology.

Meanwhile Sione Veikoso says, there were challenges faced, but they are trying their best to solve this in order to deliver their role efficiently to the locals.

Sione Veikoso concluded by thanking the locals for all the co-operation that has gotten them this far.

Attending yesterday’s program were board members management, related stakeholders and staff of TCC.                     

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