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Government has full authority over ‘Utukalongalu Market in Vava’u

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 07/02/2017

Government has completed the first part of negotiations for the return of ‘Utukalongalu market in Vava’u.

Pacific Properties Limited chaired by Ross Chapman leased the area back in 2007.

Last week was the completion of the payment term from government to the TPL.

CEO of Revenue and Customs ‘Anisi Bloomfield says it includes the market and areas around it known as LUO totaling TOP$1million.

He says instead of paying cash – government deducted more than TOP$ 500, 000 tax arrears of TPL from the total cost.

The left over amount to be paid will be credited for future tax of the company.

Bloomfield was questioned over the impact of write off tax debt that may be financed from part of the new financial year but he continued that his Ministry cannot only focus on collecting money but also trans- facilitate development programs to benefit the public.

He said the phase 2 of the negotiation is underway for the return of the building used for the backpackers and offices for several businesses in Vava’u.

Pacific Properties Limited is the umbrella organization that encompasses Pacific Timber and Hardware, Leiola Duty Free and Dateline Transam Shipping.

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