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German writer of Tongan history says Tongans are fascinating and have fullness of hearts not found anywhere else

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 08/02/2017

 A German writer Dr. Peter Suran who has written 3 volumes on the history of Tonga believes that the theory that the Tongan people threatened to kill navigator Captain Cook during the 18th century cannot be authenticated and cannot be true.

Dr. Suran a Philosopher and Law Graduate who taught at ‘Atenisi University for 2 years spoke highly of the Tongan people and said, he is fascinated with Tonga and its people.

Dr Suran told Radio and Television Tonga news, he decided to write the history of Tonga because the 2 years he taught at ‘Atenisi and living and knowing the lives of the Tongan people he did not believe that the Tongans threatened to kill Captain Cook.

His research took him to libraries and archives throughout Europe, New Zealand and Australia and there was no mention of this theory in any of the books.  

It was 30 years later before any history book was written about Tonga; it was “The friendly Islands” by William Mariner known as Toki Ukamea.

Dr. Suran says he believes the history of Tonga is not always fairly represented by the foreign author.

Dr. Suran is working on his 4th volume and his coverage of the history of Tonga ranges from their Polynesian roots and navgation and the double hulled canoe to societal developments.

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