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Emergency response kit from Rotary clubs in New Zealand to be used during emergencies

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 09/02/2017

Rotary Club Nuku’alofa in co-operation with the Emergency Response Kit initiative, supported by Rotary Clubs in NZ, have positioned a container packed with 298 kits at Scenic Hotel., Fu’amotu.

The assistance is estimated at about TOP$300,000

The boxes were packed by Rotarians and their supporters from the combined clubs in NZ, where they each hold over 60 items likely to be needed by families in an emergency situation.

They include 2 waterproof tarpaulins for immediate temporary shelter using the hammer and nails provided, fishing kit, a cooking grate and Bombay pot in which meals can be prepared, medical pack of essentials amongst many others.

The Emergency response kit is packed in a 78 litre plastic container.

The containers will be under the management of the National Emergency Management office or NEMO for distribution during emergencies.

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