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Captain of FV Losemani Fo’ou grateful to God for being alive and safety to reunite with their families

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 09/02/2017

The captain of the FV Losemani Fo’ou – Vailele Taukitokuu is very grateful to God for their safe return home, alive and to reunite with their families after their sea ordeal which ended up in Auckland, NZ.

Capt. Taukitokuu said the problem with their fishing boat was caused by a faulty battery.  After 2 days of fishing near ‘Ata Island they were unsuccessful with catches then they proceeded to Minerva reef.

When they were about to return home, they found out their battery was low and the vessel’s engine couldn’t work.

Vailele said they made contacts seeking help, asking for a battery so they can come home.

INSTEAD a cruise ship the Albatros came to the rescue and took them to Auckland New Zealand.

Trying to get into the cruise ship was very difficult because the sea was very rough and the rescue boat was struggling and failed several times to get the fishermen to the Albatros.

They were treated very well by the captains and people of the cruise ship on their way to Auckland as well as Tonga’s Consular who took care of their travel and other documents.

At the moment Vailele is figuring out a way to pay back the money loaned for the fishing vessel as it was their only means of deriving income for their families.

The FV Losemani Fo’ou was abandoned and is destined to the deep ocean.

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