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Youth’s passions to follow the path of the consecrated – as priests and nuns is diminishing

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 14/02/2017

Despite the close down of convents in Tonga and the fewer women taking up the call for consecrated lives as  nuns, the need of the  Catholic  parishes  in other parts of the Pacific are more urgent.

His Eminence Cardinal Mafi- leader of the Catholic Diocese of Tonga and Niue says time has changed and young people are carried away and more interested in matters of this world rather than choosing the pathway of dedicated and consecrated lives to become nuns or priests.

Young men and women are not forced but to choose their own futures.

Cardinal Mafi says the challenges of being a priest or nun includes refraining from marriage, leaving home and loved ones in the family to take up the mission of the church.

However, those who choose to take up these missions receive the blessings of sacrificial lives and living for the Lord and others.

The Vava’u headquarter of the SMSM Convent has closed down as the church moves to answer new calls to other missions as directed by the Rome head office.

Tonga’s branch comes under the regional headquarter in New Zealand.

His Eminence Cardinal Mafi- says the services of these nuns are highly needed by other Pacific Islands.

SMSM Sisters from Vava’u came back and two have gone abroad while sister Malia ‘Anita works with the rest of their company at the Ma’ufanga Convent.

Cardinal Mafi expressed how the church will miss these sisters as they were of great help with secular and spiritual functions of the church in running training programs in the English language, learning new instruments such as the piano amongst others.

The other branch at Fasi mo e Afi of the SMSM Company closed down 3 years ago due to healthy reason and their lodging needed repair and there were only few of them.

Other companies of nuns including Sisters of Compassion Convents at Houma and Sisters of Mercy at Kolonga are also closing down.

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