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Legislative Assembly passed regulations on Littering

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 14/02/2017

The Legislative Assembly yesterday passed the Regulations on Littering, after it was read 3 times in Parliament and passed with 17 MP’s voting in favor.

The Regulations is under the Environment Act 2010, which was gazetted last year.

The Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Siaosi Sovaleni says this regulation is to legalize penalties and fines against those littering in public areas causing pollution.

It also states the forms to be used by the authorized officers to monitor littering.

Meanwhile, the members of Parliament raised several concerns on the issue due to the fine and penalties imposed.

Mateni Tapueluelu – the people’s representative of Tongatapu 4 to Parliament also read out the fines.

He said, The fine for littering in public places is TOP$20.00, throwing of rubbish at other properties apart from the dumping site is TOP$100.00, littering of polluted substances is TOP$250.00, illegal usage of public littering bins is TOP$50.00, arson of public dumping site is TOP$5000.00, littering of dangerous rubbish TOP$1000.00, and putting of hazardous rubbish underground is TOP$500.00

However, Lord Nuku – the Noble’s Representative of ‘Eua says this regulation will violate rights of people.

BUT the Deputy Prime Minister – Siaosi Sovaleni says this is not to violate human’s rights but to direct them to do what is right.

Other Ministerial reports, regulations, bills and Parliamentary visits reports were passed in the Legislative Assembly yesterday.

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