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30% of Tonga’s economy is derived from remittances from Tongans living overseas

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 15/02/2017

30% of Tonga’s economy is derived from remittances from Tongans living overseas, however there are challenges faced.

The message was highlighted by the Prime Minister, Hon. Samuela ‘Akilisi Pohiva while launching a new voucher remittance product service for the Tonga Development Bank yesterday known as the ‘Ave pa’anga Pau.

The Hon. Prime Minister says, the challenges include high cost, time and effort to send the Money to Tonga amongst others, HOWEVER using the ‘Ave Pa’anga pau will solve these issues.

“…Almost 30% of our economy is brought up by remittances and we are dependent on our Tongan communities overseas, sending money home to support loved ones here, however, sending money to Tonga has been challenging over the years. For the sender overseas, He or She faces real issues of high cost, and time and effort to send money to Tonga, and the receiver in Tonga has to make extra effort to travel to town to collect the cash and pay fees, and sometimes they have to wait, and keep coming back…”

Attending the program were supervisors of the Recognised Seasonal Employers and intending workers to take up future assignments in NZ.

The Hon. Prime Minister urged them to use this new service because is it not only safe and fast but it is low cost, secure and sustainable.

“…3000 seasonal from Tonga are employed each year under the RSE scheme established by NZ they represent a very large potential market that TDB could service efficiently to the benefit of the workers and their families. Im pleased to see RSE leaders and your groups attending today. I encourage you today to use ‘ave pa’anga pau and save money in Tonga through TDB saving program while working in NZ. When you return, you will have saving here that you could invest an income generating project for use for loan at TDB…”

‘Ave pa’anga Pau is an online program for sending money from NZ to Tonga, where a code of the money will be send to your phone, and customers can then take that code and withdraw their money from TDB.

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