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Radio is a pathway to connect the past and present

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 16/02/2017

Radio is a tool that can connect the past to the present through its programs that are stored in the archives.  CEO of Ministry of Internal Affairs – ‘Ana Bing Fonua said although there are different generations with different needs and programs but they all listen to one tool and that is Radio.

Radio’s archives store various information about the nation, history and culture, traditional Tongan music and dances, composition and national events that happened in the past.

‘Ana Bing said with such treasure it is significant for the Ministry of Internal Affairs to revive these programs for they account past events and preserve our traditional and cultural values for generations to come.

Radio programs can help connect the present and the past through utilizing the information contained in the archives for new research and educational programs and others depending on the topics.

CEO also spoke more about the vital roles of the radio in the responsibilities of the local government – town and district officers.

She said, in times of natural disasters local governments are given phone credits to contact NEMO office for any assistance INSTEAD they call RADIO Tonga to voice their concerns and urgent needs.

During Radio Tonga’s talk back show yesterday people all over Tonga praised the roles of Radio.

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