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Legal to slaughter animals that damage personal properties but disclose it to authorities within an hour

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 16/02/2017

It is legal to slaughter animals wandering in town and bush allotments and causing damage – but they should disclose this to authorities after an hour from the slaughter.

This Act applies to 4 animals – namely COWS, HORSES, PIGS AND GOATS.

To’ifalefehi Moala an expert and former senior officer of the Livestock Division of the Ministry of Agriculture told Radio and Television Tonga News the meat of animals slaughtered could be consumed after an hour – if the owner has not yet claimed the slaughtered animal.

Moala says complaints can also be made to Police for animals who wander around wildly and damage other’s properties and Owners should be charged for neglecting their responsibilities.

He says it is important that farmers feel responsible for their livestock and keep them inside their sites and fences and never let them become a problem to others.

Pigsties in town allotments can have a limited number of 3 pigs and not more than that for community, church and other national events.

He was also questioned on whether the Government has any plan to keep wander animals and sell them to generate revenue but he said, the Government considered that plan in previous years but lots of funding is needed.

He also says there is no particular reference in the law for animal wastes but the law clearly states that all animals should be kept in their fences 365 days a year.

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