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Legislative Assembly approved PACIFIC GAMES 2019 TAXATION INCENTIVES ACT 2017

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 16/02/2017

 The Legislative Assembly this morning approved the PACIFIC GAMES 2019 TAXATION INCENTIVES ACT 2017, with 13 votes to 3.

The members of the House raised several concerns on the positive and negative impacts of the Act, while some believe this is an alternative to move forward – so – instead of talking about sports alone words can also be illustrated through actions.

The Minister of Revenue and Customs Hon. Tevita Lavemaau says, this Act allows new businesses to operate in Tonga especially the tourism industry.

It also offers a 200% tax exemption on businesses if pledged to sponsor the Sports with the amount ranging from TOP$50,000to TOP$3 million.

However, Mateni Tapueluelu people’s representative of Tongatapu 4 says, he does not support this act, because the Member Parliament’s core role is to draft and enact laws and they need time to go through this before they decide their vote.

BUT in response – some Members of the house say – this Act can help speed up the construction work because in order to do so, they must have funding.

Samiu Vaipulu also told the MP’s this Act can be monitored and screened to ensure there is no corruption in the system, not only that but it will be abolished on the 30th of June 2020.

Meanwhile, in Parliament – the Committee of the Whole House unanimously approved the Parliamentary Report of Ha’apai 12.

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