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Government aims to manage diabetes rates

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 17/02/2017

The Tongan government does not have the finances to provide dialysis treatment but aims to address rates of renal failure and kidney disease by managing rates of diabetes first.

Dialysis treatment is currently unavailable in the country despite around 200 people being diagnosed with chronic kidney failure each year, and about a third of those needing such treatment.

This week the Tonga Dialysis Foundation said it has waited for over a year for a government letter of support so private funders could release finances to open a clinic in the country.

Ministry of Health CEO Dr. Siale ‘Akauola told RNZI the majority of kidney disease cases develop from diabetes.

He said the government was focussed on prevention and management of diabetes rather than dialysis.

Dr.  Siale ‘Akauola said the government in principle would support a private dialysis facility.    

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