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GPS Mo’unga’one’s school canceled due to no teacher

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 20/02/2017

Teacher’s absence from school due to sickness is not an option to cancel school.

The People’s representative of Ha’apai 12 – Vili Hingano raised the concern in Parliament saying that Mo’unga’one Government Primary School was cancelled because the teacher is sick and was admitted to the hospital in Pangai.

Vili Hingano says there is only teacheroin the island for all classes 1 – 6.

In response the Minister of Education and Training – Honorable Penisimani Fifita says the residents of Mo’unga’one should have contacted the Ministry for them to solve the problem.

He also says, they will look into the problem as soon as they can, however other options they will look into includes sending a teacher from Pangai to Mo’unga’one island.

However, in Parliament this afternoon – the Minister of education said there is only 8 students in the school and the teacher are in the island.

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