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Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 21/02/2017

Prime Minister’s Office confirmed the letter disseminated on social media such as Facebook and Nepituno Online are UNTRUE and FALSE.

The letter is alleged to have been written by the Prime Minister Hon. Samuela ‘Akilisi Pohiva to the Communist Party of China dated on January 9th 2017 and stamped with the Prime Minister Office’s stamp.

The letter states in the first paragrapgh that there is a big problem in Tonga that is preventing them (referring to PM) from transitioning into a democracy.

The letter cited Religion and its institutions are halting the country’s progress.

It also stated the church has too much power and the people are too religious as a result.

They listen to the church, the king and the monarchy, who are the PROTECTORS of the church.  They hold on to outdated beliefs that only serve to hurt Tonga.

The letter states that the Prime Minister was travelling to China in January and held meetings with the country’s Communist Party, however, the Prime Minister’s Office emphasized that the Prime Minister did not travel to China in January; he only went to Singapore and returned, though the schedule was for him to continue to China.

However, in reference to the alleged letter, there is no time mentioned for any travel to China, but reference is made only to the warm welcome in Beijing.

When, this welcome was made, was not mentioned in the letter.

The Prime Minister’s office reaffirms that neither Hon. Pohiva nor his office wrote such a letter.

The PM’s office release says it’s believed the letter was aimed to ruin the reputation of the Prime Minister and the Government during the deliberations on the vote of no confidence.

It adds, the matter will be referred to Police for further investigations.

Meanwhile, Owner and Editor of Nepituno Online news, Dr. Viliami  Latu who is named as one of the websites that disseminated the letter, says, before we say whether the letter was  true or false, we have to look at the content first.

He believes, the issues raised in the letter are not any new information and some of the issues were raised by Pohiva himself in parliament and was also subject of political discussions.

These are the most important issues, talking about the power of His Majesty, the church or religion and the nobles.  He says, the letter alleges that these powers are the obstacles or the big problems in Tonga that are preventing us from transitioning into a democracy.

Dr. Latu says, he supports the reference of the matter to Police for further investigations to find out the truth.

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