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With only a decade before the second century of Christianity in Tonga – is there concrete evidence of real spiritual maturity with changed lives expected of Christians?

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 22/02/2017

With only a decade left before the Second Centenary or two hundred years of the arrival of Christianity in Tonga – the concern now is, are there signs or evidence of high standards of spiritual maturity and lives of Christians are changed to live according to the principles of Christ or Christianity?

The Director of the Free Wesleyan Church’s Christian Education Department – Rev. Taufa Filiai it is vital that Tongans focus on re-newing their covenant with God before 2026.

He told Radio Tonga News the major project marking the First Centenary of arrival of Christianity in Tonga was the construction of the Centenary church in Nuku’alofa which was officially opened in the early 1950s.

But in the upcoming celebration the church has yet to decide on a major project to mark this spiritual feast and celebration.

Rev. Taufa also says despite many years of Tonga’s conversion to Christianity the fruits of the Christian life are dependent on individuals and how they exercise their faith and put them into actions.

It is therefore hard to tell whether Christianity is going up the slope or going down, because the knowledge of the faith is different from putting into actions the teachings of the bible and principles of Jesus Christ.

Christianity was formally introduced by missionaries to Tonga in 1826, and they also started Education. It was not until 1866 the first secondary school was established at Tupou College, the first for Tonga and the pacific.

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