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Noble’s agreed – none of them will be elected Prime Minister or Minister if ‘Akilisi Pohiva loses in the Vote of no confidence

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 27/02/2017

The Noble Representatives in Parliament signed a memorandum of Understanding that if the Prime Minister loses in the Vote of no confidence – none of them will be elected Minister or Prime Minister.

This is except Lord Ma’afu.

Lord Tu’ilakepa – Number 2 Noble Representative of Vava’u to Parliament said in the House this morning this was a result of a meeting last Friday which were attended by all Noble Representatives except Lord Ma’afu.

Therefore all people representatives in Parliament will be appointed as Ministers to the Government Portfolios.

While the Noble remain in their seat and scrutinize the Government’s work and become the voice of the people in the Legislative Assembly.

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