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Although concrete evidence of breaches in the constitution was raised in parliament against the Prime Minister he still won the vote with 14 votes to 10

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 27/02/2017

The Prime Minister and Government won the vote for no confidence against the Prime Minister with 14 MP’s voting against the motion despite arguments that Honourable Pohiva has breached clauses of the constitution with several decisions he made.

About 14 Members of Parliament voted against the motion, they include:

Veivosa Taka – People’s Rep. of Ha’apai 13

Mateni Tapueluelu – People’s Representative of Tongatapu 4

‘Akosita Lavulavu – People’s Rep. of Vv 16

Penisimani Fifita – Minisiter of Education and Training

Semisi Sika – Minister of Infrastructure and Tourism

Pohiva Tu’i’onetoa – Minister of Police and Labor

Dr. Saia Piukala – Minister of Health

Semisi Fakahau – Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries

Vuna Fa’otusia – Minister of Justice

Tevita Lavemaau – Minister of Revenue and Customs

Siaosi Sovaleni – DPM and Minister of MEIDECCC

Lord Ma’afu – Minister of Land and Survey

Poasi Tei – Minister of Public Enterprises

And the Prime Minister – Samuela ‘Akilisi Pohiva.

Meanwhile 10 MP’s voted in favor of the motion and they include:

Vili Hingano – People’s Representative of Ha’apai 12

Samiu Vaipulu – People’s Representative of Vv 15

Fe’ao Vakata – People’s Representative of the Two Niuas.

Lord Tu’iha’ateiho – Noble’s No.2 representative for Ha’apai

Lord Fusitu’a – Noble’s representative for the 2 Two Niuas

Lord Nuku – Noble’s representative for ‘Eua

Lord Tu’iha’angana – Noble’s No.1 representative for Ha’apai

Lord Tu’ilakepa – Nobles No.2 representative for Vava’u

Lord Tu’i’afitu – Nobles No.1 representative for Vava’u

Lord Vaea – Nobles’ No 1 representative of Tongatapu

The Minister of Finance and National Planning – Hon. Dr. ‘Aisake Valu Eke abstained from casting a vote in the ballot

This is with the exception of the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly – Lord Tu’ivakano who will vote if there is a tie.

Meanwhile, during the deliberations this morning, Lord Tu’ilakepa told the house there is no hatred or ill feelings behind the motion for a vote of no confidence against the Prime Minister – tabled in the Legislative Assembly.

This came after Lord Tu’ilakepa – Number 2 Nobles Representative of Vava’u to Parliament told members this morning that any member of the House is free to submit a motion when they lose confidence on the Prime Minister.

Lord Tu’ilakepa said the introduction of the Prime Minister’s response to the motion for a vote of no confidence dwelled mainly on government’s achievements and successes so far.

However many of these achievements were efforts begun by the previous Government.

This included the increase in the number of Cruise liners visits to Tonga and this was due to the completion of the construction of Vuna Wharf by former Government, MA60 was also gifted to Tonga by China during the rule of the previous Government.

It also stated the drop in the budget support for the Coronation of their Majesties – King Tupou VI and Queen Nanasipau’u – was because TOP$1.9 million for the royal ceremony was from the Royal Family alone.

He also said, the Government praised many of its achievements but this Government has collected a lot of tax and revenue from the people leaving them to struggle most of the time to make ends meet.

The Noble’s representative also highlighted much interference from the Prime Minister which resulted in many compensations paid for by the Government.

This also included his interferences in Sports which resulted in the cancellation of Tonga and Wales’s rugby match at Teufaiva and is shifted to NZ.

Lord Tu’ilakepa also says it is about time that they appoint a new Government that does not practice nepotism and poor governance.

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