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Tonga marks World Day OF prayer

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 03/03/2017

Tonga marked – the world day of prayer with many prayer services this morning in many churches throughout Tonga.

This is an annual program originally started by women for women, but has been declared a service for everyone including men.

This year’s program was prepared by the Women of the Phillipines focusing on the theme “Have I sinned against thee?” a rhetorical question.

The service’s program was translated into Tongan and local women read the stories of Phillipino women, Merlini, Silia and ‘Efita.

They shared the stories of their lives and how they live in their country.

They spoke on issues relating to the hardships they face and their efforts to overcome these challenges.

Melini share how she witnessed her mother being abused by her father. Her father was later shot in-front of her and she had to work hard to help educate her younger siblings.

During life she was later charged by one of her employers claiming her of stealing a possession which valued a lot of money.

However, she later won the case and received compensation with the help of a Christian lawyer.

Silia a mother with only one child, helped serve others.

She worked in a sugarcane farm and was told they will receive parts of the allotment to benefit from and their families, but they never received what they were promised.

Etifa a widow with three children who did not afford to feed them with proper meals had to work extra hours and sell toothpastes and soap on the road side.

The annual occasion this year was led by the Free Constitutional church in Nukualofa with their president Lord Matoto of Tu’anekivale leading the preparatory session last week to the Day of Prayer services.

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