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Members of the Royal Family made their traditional presentations at the royal Palace

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 06/03/2017

HRH Prince Ata and HRH Princess Latufuipeka made their traditional presentation – Ha’amo with their relatives to the Royal Palace Yesterday.

The Ha’amo presentation is when Clans carry baskets of food and Tongan mats to be presented.

The Head of the Ha’a Ngata Clan took part in the presentation.

Talking Chief Pahulu led the traditional presentation to the Palace and was received by a talking chief from the Fale Ha’a Kili Clan.

Traditional presentation was also made to Mapu ‘a Fuiva where the Ha’a Tufunga Clan or Royal Undertakers are temporary residing due to the Royal funeral and also to HRH Princess Pilolevu Tuita at her residence in Mahina Fekite.

The presentations are continuing today with Hon. Lupepau’u Taione and her relatives.

A spokesperson for the Ha’a Tufunga Clan said, they are preparing to mix the black pebbles- kilikili in oil on Thursday at the Royal Tombs Mala’ekula.

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