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Princess Latufuipeka visited Alonga Centre and Hu’atolitoli Prison yesterday

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 06/03/2017

The legacy upheld by the late Queen Mother was taken up by Princess Latufuipeka yesterday when she visited the prisoners at Hu’atolitoli and adult disabled people at Alonga centre.

Rev. Viliami Fanaika of Hu’atolitoli Prison says, they were very happy to welcome the Princess Latufuipeka as she served the prisoners with food.

Prison cells are not a popular place for the public to visit but she went there twice yesterday to serve the inmates with food.

Rev. Viliami Fanaika says, it was a pleasure for them to receive the princess and they are very grateful to her royal highness.

She brought the inmates lunch and dinner also.

She also visited Alonga Centre, her grandmother’s favorite place to feed the physically and mentally disabled.

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