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ADB grants more than TOP$500,000 for renovation of three schools in Tongatapu

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 07/03/2017

Asian Development Bank – ADB through Tonga’s Climate Resilience Sector Project – CRSP assisted 3 schools in Tongatapu to the tune of more than TOP$565,000.00

They include GPS Kolomotu’a, Fanga ‘o Pilolevu and Lavengamalie Side School.

These Schools have faced problems of flooding in times of heavy rain which resulted in problems to some classrooms, their playgrounds, toilet facilities and walkways for children.

GPS Kolomotu’a has been allocated an aid of TOP$170,000 whereas a teacher of the School Teuloi Taufatofua Faleafa says; this will help enable them to identify a specific evacuation area for students in times of disasters.

Under the same project more than TOP$170,000 is allocated for the renovation of GPS Fanga where the Principal – Veiongo Kalaleti says, this will help solve problems that has been a challenge to the school in years.

She says every time it rains the school will be cancelled due to floods in several classrooms, their hall and the toilet facilities.

But with this help, they are optimistic of better facilities in future.

Meanwhile an assistance of more than TOP$200,000 has been allocated towards Lavengamalie Side School.

The Deputy Principal – Temalisi Latapu says, they are hopeful that this assistance will reduce risks of any hazards on the children.

These monetary assistances will be used to renovate these schools and it was this morning signed by the Acting CEO of Infrastructure – Kelela Tonga and two construction companies – TTS Construction and the Oregon Pacific Limited.

The renovation is expected to complete within six months.

‘Isikeli Oko Deputy Director of Education was at the program and says this has become a dream come true.

This project was managed under the Climate Resilience Sector Project that was initiated in Tonga in 2012.

Their projects include renovation of foreshores, Ha’apai’s hospital, and other schools in Tonga.

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