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Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 08/03/2017

Court of Appeal starts tomorrow and will hear an appeal from Rev Sione Havili Maile , Sione Amanaki also the Mo’ui’ia Kalaisi Fellowship against Tokaikolo ‘ia Kalaisi.

The plaintiffs appeal for the ruling by Chief Justice Owen Paulsen on a land case in November 9th 2016 ordered the Mo’uifo’ou its agent, employees, servants and invitees to vacate within 30 days the Ha’ateiho property in favour of Tokaikolo.

The hearings will also include civil case by the former TCC- CEO Rizvi Jurangpathy against Commissioner of Public Relations, the now Ombudsman, after applying for a stay in the investigation for allegations on his behaviour against employees amongst others.

He wished to stay the investigation until the released of the ruling on a Defamation Case against Kele’a Newspaper and others.

His application was dismissed by Paulsen on the 21st of November 2016.

Overall, Court of appeal will look into 6 cases includes 4 civil cases with two land matters.

Presiding will be Justice Peter Blanchard, Michael Moore and Rodney Henson.and Chief Justice Owen Paulsen.

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