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Predictable information and Data should be add-on expertise to farmer’s indigenous knowledge

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 08/03/2017

Local farmers should add on predictable farming data to indigenous knowledge to help them control climate resilient farming.

This was the initiative of an Agro-Met and Water Projects launched this morning.

A signing ceremony of a Memorandum of Understanding for close working ties was also held between the Deputy Prime Minister on behalf of the Tongan Government and the President of the Asia – Pacific Economic Cooperation Climate Centre – APCC from Korea.

APCC President Dr. Hong-Sang Jung says this project was initiated in 2014 to help develop agricultural sectors in Tonga.

“I hope that APCC and Tonga will make successful stories in coping with climate impacts in Tonga”, says Dr. Hong Sang Jung.

Launching the projects, the Deputy Prime Minister says, climate change has become a real life problem and that cause hikes in prices of goods and uncertain changes in the market, but this project will help boost agricultural sector in Tonga.

“I am also delighted to mark the Water project initiative also collaboration with APCC, in the development of the Water Project in response to times of water shortage in Tonga. The impacts of CC have been felt and seen in Tonga. Just last autumn Tonga was suffering from drought, but just two days ago Tonga dispatched assistance to Fonoi to those who suffered from flooding. There is a shift in tradition crops to more resilient crops and the important of climate resilient is clear”, says Hon. Siaosi Sovaleni.

Speaking to Radio Tonga News a farmer – Siosaia Pekipaki says this project will help farmers determine the right kind of crops to plant in a particular time due to the changing nature and shifting weather patterns.

He says for instance Taro is a climate resilient crop and can be grown at any time.

This project can also inform farmers of the weather forecasst for the whole year, leaving them to decide what’s best to practice.

This comes after Ella Gabriel from Nishi Trading says this project will inspire younger generation to become farmers as information will be disseminated through smart phones.

Dr. Viliami Manu – CEO of Agriculture during the program says this has become a step forward for Tonga.

Also part of the program was a presentation of the projects from the Director of Metrology – ‘Ofa Fa’anunu and The Government’s Geologist – Taniela Kula.

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