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Women should prioritize social issues in their day to day living

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 09/03/2017

Social problems associated with women in Tonga should be prioritized as part of the day to day living of the society.

A caller from Kolofo’ou – Semi made the comment during Radio Tonga’s Talkback show yesterday.

He said every year, women are discussing issues such as empowering them to make it to leadership positions such as Parliament BUT he said there are more pressing issues that they should pay more attention including the social issues that Tonga is coping with.

These issues include, babies having babies, consuming of illicit drugs, school dropout and to name a few.

He suggested that it’s better for women to solve these issues at home and to ensure that women fully carry their motherly duties for their respective families.

Tonga joined the rest of the world in marking yesterday 8th of March as International Day of Women.

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© Radio and Television Tonga News