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Members of the Public raise concern over Prime Minister’s favorite comment that “HE REPRESENTS THE PEOPLE”

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 09/03/2017

Members of Public question the Prime Minister’s comment that he’s REPRESENTING THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE.

There should be clarification on which people he represents.

Speaking to Radio Tonga News an academic says the Prime Minister is entitled to make such comments because all People’s representatives were elected to the house by people of electoral constituencies.

BUT they must be reminded that they only represent the voice of the voters or people that elected them to Parliament and not all Tongans.

With reference to the figures of the last Parliamentary election in 2014 – the Prime Minister – Hon. Samuela ‘Akilisi Pohiva was elected to the House by almost 1500 voters. This was from a total number of 3500 voters of Tongatapu’s number one electoral constituency.

So, more than half of Tongatapu One voters did not vote Pohiva to Parliament in the last election.

The issue was highlighted by Samiu of Kolofo’ou when calling Radio Tonga’s Talkback Show yesterday.

He says the Prime Minister always repeat the same quote in Parliament even when meeting media in his press conferences.

But it is vital that he be reminded he’s only representing those that elected him to Parliament.

He also says ‘Akilisi’s Democratic Party known as PTOA  did not win a majority in the 2014 general election so they  made arrangement with the independent  candidates to establish the government provided they are given ministerial portfolios  so they could stand together and form the government. .

A few accepted the offer while others remained as independents.

Members of the PTOA  elected to the House in 2014 were Mateni Tapueluelu, Veivosa Taka, Penisimani Fifita, Tevita Lavemaau, Dr. Saia Piukala, Dr. Pohiva Tu’I’onetoa, Semisi Fakahau and Semisi Sika.

The independent representatives include Siaosi Sovaleni who was appointed Deputy Prime Minister and the rest included Vuna Fa’otusia, Fe’ao Vakata, ‘Etuate Lavulavu who was dismissed and later replaced by his wife ‘Akosita Lavulavu, Dr. ‘Aisake Eke, Vili Hingano, Samiu Vaipulu, and Poasi Tei.

About 50,450 voters registered at the last election, and MANY were women.

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