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Mou’ifo’ou ‘ia Kalaisi Congregation believes Tokaikolo’s President does not have the authority to gift the Ha’ateiho property

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 10/03/2017

Counsel Laki Niu for appellants Mouifoou ‘ia Kalaisi believes the President of Tokaikolo ‘ia Kalaisi has no authority to gift the Ha’ateiho property to anyone.

Niu who also represents Rev. Sione Havili Maile and Sione Amanaki says that Dr. Liufau Saulala used words that expressed his full authority on the church without the knowledge of the conference.

He insisted that Saulala acted as if  he is owner of  all the  properties of the church.

He made reference to a phrase he repeatedly made during a Bible study, that Maile can leave the church and take all his belongings with him.

Saulala gave evidence during the trial saying that Ha’ateiho properties was financed by Maile and it  was  the only chapel built without a loan.

Niu submitted that some of the members who criticized Saulala were told to be quiet when they wanted to question the issue and this led to more than 50 families leaving and joined Mouifoou while more than 40 families remained.

William Clive Edwards for the respondent submitted that evidence from the appellants did not show any full authority of the president over the church.

Edwards said Maile did not give evidence in the trial due to medical reason but some issues raised needed his explanation.

The appeal came after Chief Justice Owen Paulsen in November 9th 2016 ruled that Mo’uifo’ou fellowship and all its agencies vacate the properties at Ha’ateiho within 30 days from the ruling.

The ruling of all appeal cases will be delivered next Thursday.

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