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Efficient Communication and Broadcasting reduce risks of damage in Natural disasters

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 10/03/2017

The Japanese Government and its aid Program JICA – Japan’s International Cooperation Agency is optimistic that if people are informed in timely manners – risks of damage in disasters will not become a concern.

This morning a signing ceremony of the minute of discussions for News Project – or the Nationwide Early Warning System and Strengthening Disaster Communications was conducted between related stakeholders.

It includes the Deputy Director of the ICT Group Infrastructure and Peace-building Department of  JICA’s Head Office in Tokyo – Masayuki Furukawa.

Chairman of the ICT Board – Tapu Panuve.

CEO of Information and Communication – MEIDECCC – Paula Ma’u, AND Acting CEO of Finance and National Planning – ‘Aholotu Palu.

Speaking to Radio Tonga News Furukawa says the projects consist of three main components.

First is the Emergency Radio System, Second is the Early Warning Sound Alert System and the final component is improving Tonga Broadcasting Commission’s Building and Equipment.

The First component is the early warning communication system this will be installed at the Disaster Related Department, usually we use telephone or e-mail but sometimes the net is down, we need more fix and stable communication. Second – is the early warning sound system – a siren to disseminate warning, in case of tsunami there’s not more time for evacuation, and the third component is the AM Broadcasting, because the system is too old, so we will renew the infrastructure and equipment”, says Masayuki Furukawa. 

Tapu Panuve after the signing ceremony says Radio is an important tool to reach out information to a wide range of people.

I still remember growing up my grandfather comes from Ha’apai and my grandmother is from Vava’u and they always tell us stories about listening to the radio while growing up. My point is, radio is a vital part of Tonga’s ability to stay in touch all the way up to the Niuas, from our perspectives from TBC this great assistance will enable us to carry on to make sure that we stay in touch with other people in the Kingdom”, says Tapu Panuve.

Similar issue was also raised by Paula Ma’u, while thanking the Japanese Government.

So, it is very important to strengthen communications, because we live in five main island groups and many people are staying there, and they are vulnerable when disaster hit”, says Paula Ma’u.

All surveys and discussion is set to complete by January next year 2018 – before the actual works commence mid-year.

Attending the signing ceremony were related stakeholders, Tonga Broadcasting Commission’s General Manager Nanise Fifita – Japan’s Delegation from Tokyo and others.

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