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Children at Primary Level taught at Road Safety issue

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 13/03/2017

Related Stakeholders including the Ministry of Police, Transport Division of Infrastructure and the Ministry of the Internal Affairs are working closely to educate children on road safety starting from primary schools.

A poetry and quiz competition was held last Saturday base on the theme, WE ONLY HAVE ONE LIFE.

The purpose is to remind children the golden rule of road safety including awareness of the road signs, rules for pedestrians, to name a few.

Mafi Sauaki from GPS Fua’amotu won the poetry competition for students between ages 5-8.    

Monu’ia Tu’ipulotu of GPS ‘Atele came second and in third place was Viliami Patita.

The poetry category for ages 9 and above, Makalita Fakatava of GPS Nuku’alofa came first, Sione Pulupaki of GPS Te’ekiu was second and Malia Finau third price went to GPS Ha’amonga.

GPS Ha’amonga of Niutoua won first Prize for the Quiz Competition.

Addressing the crowd at the competition, Acting Superintendent of the Nuku’alofa Police Station – Tevita Vailea reminded children of the importance of LIFE for we only live it once NOT twice.

He elaborated on the three E’s on transportation referring to Education, Engineering and Enforcement.

Vailea said, 18 deaths were recorded due to fatal road accidents in 2016 – a 100% increase from 2015.

The guest of honor at the program was Kelela Tonga the Acting CEO of the Ministry of Infrastructure.

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