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Agreement completed on construction of Sporting venues at Teufaiva and Tonga High School – construction is the next step

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 13/03/2017

Agreement has been reached for the construction of Sporting venues for both Teufaiva Rugby Field and Tonga High School.

Soon, we will be witnessing the foundation of these constructions with only 28 months left before 2019.

CEO of Internal Affairs – ‘Ana Bing Fonua told Radio Tonga News the agreement completed last week.

Construction work for the Teufaiva Park will commence this week, while construction of Tonga High School facilities awaits arrival of 12 architectures from the Beijing Institute of Architectural Design in China.

They will arrive Tonga on the 21st of this month.

‘Ana Bing Fonua says, renovation of the ‘Atele Indoor Stadium needs to speed up after request from the Judo Association – as host of the Pacific Judo competition.

She says currently the Government is ready to cover the monetary expenses with the exception of the aid from NZ and China.

She says there are other expenses that the Government will take care of including the accommodation and meal for all the athletes as it is part of the agreement.

The current work is seeking venues for the cricket competition as the target are the Church School’s playgrounds.

Meanwhile Tonga Side School will move to another location later this year.

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