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Today marks World Consumer Day – with the highlights of having access to affordable and quality goods

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 15/03/2017

Competition among Businesses is important but the rights of Consumers for affordable and good quality goods are of top priority.

The Minister for Consumer Affairs – Hon. Dr. Pohiva Tu’i’onetoa made the statement to Radio Tonga News this morning while Tonga joins the rest of the world in marking the WORLD CONSUMER DAY today, March 15th.


Dr. Tu’i’onetoa says rights of consumers includes having access to quality goods, clear instructions either in Tongan and English as stipulated by the law and affordable prices for all consumers, as they are all equal.

He spoke of the quality of milk products for infants where the quality and prices should be fixed so that every child in Tonga can consume the same healthy product.

He added the rights of consumers include having access to healthy food.

Most problems faced by consumers here in Tonga includes hikes in prizes of goods and services, unlabeled goods or products labeled in Asian languages, selling of expired products, and advertising manipulating consumers.

Sandra Fifita of the Consumer Division says there are Acts in place to help reduce the problems but it is important that the consumer ensure that what they’ve bought worth their money before leaving the shop – to reduce problems.

She says this year’s theme highlights the importance of ensuring that what you bought or signed through the Internet is of good quality INSTEAD of buying the products first then find out the problem later.

She says one of their recent work towards businesses is ensuring that apples and other fruits sold in the market has the exact weight of 1kg per bag and not less. The Ministry has instructed vendors to weigh every packet before selling them to consumers.

World Consumer Day was established on March 15th 1983 to promote rights of consumers throughout the World.

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