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Domestic violence on the rise in Tonga

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 16/03/2017

About 30 women reported their encounters with violence to the Women and Children, Crisis Center – WCCC during past two weeks alone. 

Majority of the reported cases were domestic violence with the youngest age being a 6-year-old girl and sexual abuse of underage girls.

Lesila To’ia the WCCC Team Leader said, domestic violence is on the rise in Tonga and women are not shy anymore to report abuses or violence cases to police or seek help from the center.

This morning the US ambassador in Suva, Fiji who’s currently in Nuku’alofa for the national conference for deportees awarded the center with a plaque in recognition of their great achievements in handling cases regarding women and children.

“Regrettably violence against women is a problem around the world, I think the statistic 1 in 3 in their lifetime suffer from violence and we do know that it is a particular challenge in the South Pacific Region including Tonga that they are regrettably a high incidents of violence. So it’s so important for Women and Children to have people such as yourselves that are dedicated to supporting them to helping them escape from a bad situation to put their lives back together and get on to the path to healing”, says H.E Judith Cefkin.

Lesila To’ia said they work hand in hand with the US Embassy especially when Tongans apply for the American Visa, the embassy contacts them if they have any record of domestic violence.

Their final decision on visa application will depend on the report from the center. 

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