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Tongans should be dependent on local resources

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 16/03/2017

Tongans need to be dependent on their local resources and not imported goods and food items.

As part of this realization, a multi-million pa’anga project organized by Nishi Trading has been initiated through close working ties with Japan’s experts from Tokyo University – and support from MORDI Tonga, Ministry of Agriculture, Finance, and others.

Launching the program was the Minister of Agriculture – Hon Semisi Fakahau saying this five-year project started this year and will end in 2022.

The Japanese funded program is to the tune of more than TOP$2 million pa’anga.

He says this is to Decrease dependency on imported food – increase income for local families, improve health conditions of Tongans and others.

6 villages are recipients, however during the program the Minister requested whether it’s possible to add on more villages to benefit from the program – such as the Village of Folaha.

Attending the program was Japan’s Acting Ambassador – His Excellency Tetsumi Murata, related stakeholders and others.

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