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Appeal Court dismissed former police officer’s appeal for a repayment of his salary up to 2022- his retirement year

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 17/03/2017

Sosaia Ve’ehala a former Police officer lost his appeal against the kingdom of Tonga to calculate his lost salary up to his retiring age of 60.

Sosaia won a separate trial for wrongful dismissal in 2007 on alleged complaints of sexual impropriety.

However, he never faced disciplinary proceedings nor any criminal charge.

Lord Chief Justice Owen Paulsen ruled that his lost salary be calculated for only a 5 year period beginning from the date of his dismissal.

The appellant told the court that if he was not dismissed he would still be a police officer running through to his retirement in 2022.

However, the Court of Appeal dismissed the case and for the appellant to pay the respondent’s cost.

Costs in the Supreme Court are to be determined by that court.

Also in the court of appeal

An Asian Yuseng Yang won his appeal after the judges allowed him to use the property of ‘Olioni and Matelita Manoa of Haveluloto.

Yang appealed after arguing on a retail store opposite Vaiola Hospital that was rented to TSAY an Asian before it was subrented to Yang by TSAY.

Yang renovated this for a restaurant on top of the shop but which Manoa submited he was not aware of.

‘Olioni the landlord was in the United States at the time the agreement was signed by Matelita his wife in 2005.

Yang won the appeal and ruled for the respondent to perform the obligation under the tenancy agreement signed in 2005 and 2007.

The respondent is also ruled not to take any steps to interfere with access to the building by the appellant, subtenant or invitees.

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