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Tonga Health continues promoting healthy eating to the people of Tonga in collaboration with the livestock division

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 17/03/2017

The livestock division of the Ministry of Agriculture this morning distributed 2000 young chickens and more than 300 ducks to the people of Tonga.

This is a project funded by Tonga Health in collaboration with the Livestock Division of the Ministry of Agricultural, Food forestry and Fisheries.      

The project aims at promoting healthy eating for a healthier lifestyle for the people of Tonga.

Speaking to Radio Tonga News, a class one technician of the division – Sione Siliva Mapapalangi says, Families in Tongatapu and some of the outer islands are benefiting from this project.

1000 chickens were distributed here in Tongatapu, 600 to Vava’u and 400 to the people of Ha’apai.

About 180 ducks were handed out today in Tongatapu, 50 in Vava’u and ‘Eua, and 100 to the people of Ha’apai.

Ducks and Chickens to the outer islands will be shipped tomorrow to each respective island.

Sione says, a similar project was conducted before by the Chinese, but most of the chickens died.

This time they had to bring the chicken and ducks in and nurture as well as took care of them for nearly a week before distributing them.

Sione Siliva says, this is to ensure that the little chickens and ducks are warm enough and to also make sure that they can adapt to the cold weather when they distribute them to the people.

Sione Concluded by thanking Tonga Health for this continuous support to the people of Tonga.

Meanwhile Mo’unga Taufateau one of the recipients from Ha’ateiho encourages people to join the project because it will help us cultivate healthy lives.

This is the second time Livestock Division distribute chickens and ducks to local families in collaboration with Tonga Health.              

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