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Tonga takes the lead in registering for Fiji’s General Election 2018

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 20/03/2017

Tonga is taking the lead in the Pacific Region in registering for Fiji’s General to be held in 2018.

This is the first time ever for Fijians living in Tonga to register and cast their Votes in the general Election.

Iliesa Tora a representative of the Fijian Community said, they are very happy to be part of the Election because they want their voices to be heard as they are Fijians.

The Fijian Community here in Tonga is very grateful to the Fiji Electoral Office for sending a team over to register the Fijian who are eligible to vote for the 2018 General Election in Fiji which is scheduled for April next year. In 2014 we missed that because we didn’t get the team to come and register us here but for next year we are really happy and has happened and basically send out a message to all the Fijians in here who are 18 and over and passports and over the past two days on Friday and Saturday, the team from Suva has expressed their happiness we had over 120 who have already registered”, says Iliesa.

Tora elaborates on the election process for next year’s Election.

“What I understand from the conversations from the two officers the schedule is for February, The President of Fiji will issue the writ for the Election which will open ballot registration voting for the Pacific Islands and overseas countries, and hoping in March will be able to receive the ballot papers and we will be able to indicate our votes and then send it back to Fiji for processing”

Two officials are in Nuku’alofa to complete requirements for a person to register as a voter for the Election.

More than 100 people have registered as voters since last Friday.

There are more than 300 Fijians are currently residing in Tonga.    

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