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Ombudsman Commission established to become a mechanism for measuring performance of public servants

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 20/03/2017

The Ombudsman Commission was established in 2001 to become a mechanism that measures the performances of public servants and to handle complaints against their work – but to remain independent from the Government.

Speaking to media in a press conference this morning, the Government Ombudsman – ‘Aisea Taumoepeau says they have been operating for 11 years now.

They were formerly known the Public Relations Commission but last year’s amendment changed their name to Ombudsman Commission.

Currently, they operate under the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly.

They are to conduct investigations against Government Ministries and Businesses once receiving a complaint from either a public servant or any member of the public – free of charge.

He says, once investigation completes they will make recommendations to the CEO of the Ministry or Business that the Complaint is made against.

If they refuse to act on the recommendations, they have other higher authorities they will sought help from such as the Minister of that Portfolio.

If the Minister continues to refuse their recommendations, they will then seek help from the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly and the House in order for the recommendations to be enforced.

They also wish to inform public that their office is open for anyone seeking help at any time during working hours.

Attending the press conference was the CEO of Ombudsman – Linda Folaumoetu’i and the Director of Investigation – Lepaola Vaea.

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