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Catholic Church looks forward to fruitful blessings from the Carmelite Monastery

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 21/03/2017

The Catholic Church is looking to reap fruitful blessings and increasing spirituality from the establishment of the Carmelite monastery in Tonga.

The Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Tonga and Niue – H. E Cardinal Mafi made the comment while laying the foundation of the construction for the first Carmelite Monastery yesterday.

He said the initiative was a dream comes true since the arrival of the Carmelite Sisters in Tonga six years ago.

“I was kind of torn in between the excitement with conviction if the Carmelite will be established in Tonga there will be a special blessing because that was the experience of the Church in 2000 years now. It was in that time as difficult of any kind in the church to show how marvelous and big God is even the midst of the sinfulness in the Church and it was time Theresa Avila formed and came up with her people experience intimacy as a sign to the Church to revive despite of the sinfulness. I know we are more blessing now and here I am witnessing this dream that we have with us for years”, says H.E Cardinal Mafi.

Samoa’s Minister for Agriculture – Hon. Laaulialemalietoa Leuatea Polataivao represented the Government of Samoa in conveying their best wishes for the project ahead.

“Today this is the day that the Lord has made; it is a day of remembering of a long waiting for the building and the starting of our monastery construction. This is our third time here and it’s good to be home. I stand before you Cardinal, to confirm and to ensure Samoas support for the Carmelite Sisters in Tonga. It is the prayer we given to the Lord for the time, so much discussions and debate and frustrations and finally we are here”, says Laaulialemalietoa Leuatea Polataivao.

The Head of the Carmelite Sisters in Samoa thanked everyone for the support.

“This is the center of our lives as Carmelites and conditions of our rule to have mass every day. They have mass every day since in Tonga. Our own sisters in Fahefa, Thank you for your love and faith, I thank you for your patience and to the Lord as you served in an incomplete Carmelite Life”, says Mother Elizabeth of Jesus.

Welcoming the sisters and representing Lord Ve’ehala was talking chief – Failehaa.

“You have indeed selected from our humble point of view the appropriate place for the monastery. That was 2 centuries ago, we are grateful that you have come and chosen Laumanuhina ‘i moana to establish the Carmelite Monastery in Fahefa”, says Failehaa.

The construction is at the area called Laumanu Hina ‘i Moanaa and it is funded by families, relatives and supporters of the sisters in Tonga and abroad.

The estimated cost is TOP$2.5 million, it is expected the project will be completed by October 2019.

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