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ATM skimming fraud occurring in Tonga AGAIN

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 24/03/2017

ATM skimming fraud is again occurring in Tonga and has affected a number of card holders.

Chairman Association of Banks in Tonga – Daniel Henson said, this has affected a number of BSP Visa debit cards and ANZ International access card holders.

It has been reported that in the period three weeks ago in Tongatapu, that customers received fraudulent overseas transactions in their accounts.

Transactions have been predominantly made in Indonesia, France, USA, Greece and Dominican Republic.

Henson said these criminals are very smart and clever in criminal fraud activities; they are trying in every way possible to make illegal transactions.

Banks have cameras in place on ATM machines but these people have devices, technologies and skills to make illegal actions.

Daniel Henson is urging customers to pay more attention when withdrawing money from ATM machines by: –

  1. Being more vigilant when using ATMs and EFTPoS terminals.
  1. Protect card’s PIN and do not share with anyone and cover your hand while entering PIN number.
  1. Be wary of the ATM and EFTPoS terminal surroundings for any suspicious person or object.

ATM fraud happened in Tonga last September and if NOT Cautions it can HAPPEN again in the future.

The matter has been referred to Police for further investigations.

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