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There is no way gambling can boost a country’s economy – says Rev. Dr. Mohenoa Puloka

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 27/03/2017

Gambling and its various forms such as CASINOs  will in no way  boost the economy of a country, despite  claims by some Tongans  that  if a casino operates in Tonga it will inject multiple revenue to  the economy.

The Superintendent Minister of the Free Wesleyan Church in Ha’apai – Rev. Dr. Mohenoa Puloka told Radio Tonga News if a casino operates in Tonga the rich will be richer, while the poor gets poorer, but the owner and businesses will have the majority of the monetary benefit.

He says this is what is happening in nations such as the United States.

Tonga’s laws prohibit setting up of CASINO or any form of gambling in any parts of the Kingdom.

Rev. Dr. Puloka says such business is banned by the church because Christians are not allowed to do something that has no sure or firm foundation.

In an earlier interview with the Minister of Finance and National Planning – Hon Tevita Lavemaau said gambling has generated millions of pa’anga to our neighboring islands such as Samoa and the Solomon Is.

In previous months, an American company who applied for a license said Government approved its application for a CASINO license but Government has denied this.

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