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TBC’s survey in Niuafo’ou a success

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 28/03/2017

Tonga Broadcasting Commission – TBC’s survey in Niuafo’ou is a success.

Reports from TBC’s Engineer – Kifitoni Sikulu who conducted the survey says they’ve identified two locations for the installation of two towers to reach out information and emergency alert radio system to the island.

The first location is at Niuafo’ou High School in Sapa’ata and the other is at Tongamama’o government primary school.

These locations will ensure that information and broadcasts from Radio Tonga One will be clear when boosted through the FM mast.

The alert system will be installed in 2019 – 2020 through close work with the Japanese Government and the Ministry of Information and Communication MEIDECC.

He says they’ve also surveyed the soil in the area to ensure that the foundation of the radio alert system will be strong enough to deliver alert notices in times of hazards.

Sikulu adds that they’ve also surveyed the amount of interferences from the work on the current communication system on the island and there was none whatsoever.

The project is part of Tonga Broadcasting Commission’s strive to ensure that it fulfills its objectives of educating, informing and entertaining public at all times.
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