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Food Bill 2014 consultation underway

 Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 29/03/2017

It is vital to amend the Food Act 2014 to ensure that food is safe and healthy for consumption.

A consultation is currently underway hosted by the Ministry of Food aimed at finalizing Food Bill 2017 and Food Regulations 2017.

The purpose of the Act is to regulate the manufacture, sale, import and export of food for commercial purposes, guarantee food safety and fitness for consumption and to promote fair trade practices in food sector.

Supervisor Public Health of the Ministry of Health – Sela Fa’u said, this new act will ensure no expired food items are sold to the public, fresh fish are on the markets, empower the tasked officers to carry out their respective duties and ensure all food items are secured for the public.

Once the consultation completes the Bill and Regulations will be finalized and presented to Cabinet for approval and later submitted to the Legislative Assembly.

Leading the consultation is a local legislative drafting consultant funded by Food and Agriculture Organization – FAO – Sela Bloomfield.

Participating in the consultation are related stakeholders.

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