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Tonga commits to end human trafficking in all its forms

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 29/03/2017

Tonga and other 45 countries in Asia and the Pacific have agreed to a statement of commitment to end human trafficking at all forms.

Every related parties or individual that have any connection to such illegal actions will not be tolerated.

Lord Fusitu’a – the Noble’s Representative of the Two Niuas to Parliament – but ia also Tonga’s representative to the Regional Parliamentarians Conference on Combating Human Trafficking,says,

the meeting ensured a zero tolerance policy against all those  involved and also reaffirm the critical role of parliamentarians to review , amend, enact and enforce legislation on prevention, prosecution, protection including rehabilitation of survivors.

“We have a legislation that deals with this and there was a court case a few years back which deals with this. So, this is something that we have to deal with on a number of levels Firstly, the legislation is extremely well set out but there some areas that would need amendment. We need to deal with infra-country trafficking as well as trans-national trafficking, that’s international best practice which was highlighted in our meeting. Secondly, having the legislation there is not good enough we have to ensure implementation and operational enforcement is in place. Thirdly, we need to ensure that there is a national Government policy in place , Fourth to have regulations in place to assist and ensure implementation of these laws”, says Lord Fusitu’a.

Lord Fusitu’a also believes that it is the role of media to investigate such crimes and let the public be aware of these things.

Similar incident occured to foreign women in Tonga in 2011 and It is about time that Tongans wake up and prevent it from happening in our midst.

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