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Vital to teach children to consume healthy food at young ages

 Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 31/03/2017

It is vital to teach children to always consume proper diet and healthy food from young ages.

This includes eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, exercise daily and practice living in a healthy environment.

This is the purpose of a healthy eating program at the Paea he ‘Ofa Pre-school aat Houmakelikao  this morning.

The principal – ‘Ela Kaulave said, if children are not taught the proper ways to consume healthy food at an early age they will reap the consequences later in their lives.

She says it is useless that a person studied hard and graduates with her BA degree,but died of cancer the next day due to relying on an unhealthy diet.

Paea He ‘Ofa Children this morning read poems and sang songs to demonstrate the importance of healthy diets.

Paea He ‘Ofa Pre-school is one of the most outstanding pre-school that teaches the significance of healthy living and eating.

More than 100 students are studying at Paea He ‘Ofa Pre-school.

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