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Several Tongans allowed to remain in NZ after their deportation reprieved

 Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 03/04/2017

New Zealand Immigration and Protection Tribunal favored five appeals from Tongan who overstayed in the country.

It includes a 16 month old baby girl who had overstayed in NZ, after being adopted by her uncle, after visiting New Zealand with her mother in 2015.

The tribunal determined that a formal adoption process pending and they want to promote family unity and the baby’s well being.

The tribunal grant her a one year reprieve on humanitarian ground.

In a separate case, A couple aged 57 and 59 whom overstayed in NZ since 1997 were granted resident visas on humanitarian ground.

The couple had been working and paying taxes throughout their stay in New Zealand.

They are now facing health issues and the tribunal says it will be unjust for them to be deported to Tonga.

Another case involved a 72 year old widow from Niuatoputapu whom was granted a resident visa after seeking help from a Tongan lawyer – Nalesoni Tupou.

Mr. Tupou says the elderly has no property in Tonga, she was not a burden to New Zealand also she got no one to return to.

Her two sons are NZ residents.

A 33 year old father was also granted a 3 months visitor’s visa to be with his wife who is a nursing student. The husband is responsible for looking after their 7 year old daughter.

The last case was a convicted father accused of domestic violence also for sterilizing a dog without a qualified Vet.

He was granted a 12 months working visa to rehabilitate also to unite with his family.

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