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His Eminence Soane Patita Paini Cardinal Mafi recovered after collapsing in NZ

 Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 03/04/2017

The Bishop of the Catholic Church Diocese of Tonga and Niue – His Eminence Soane Patita Paini Cardinal Mafi is recovering in Auckland after collapsing on Saturday.

Information from New Zealand says the Cardinal was rushed to the Middlemore Hospital in an ambulance.

No details were given from NZ, but information from the Catholic’s Head office in Nuku’alofa says Cardinal Mafi was travelling to a meeting in the Vatican in Rome, via New Zealand.

It is believed the Cardinal was not in good health when he left Tonga to Auckland.

Therefore, his trip has been cancelled and he will return home after recovering in NZ.

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