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Financial deficits of Tongan families in South Auckland aggravates young people to commit offences particularly social

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 04/04/2017

Tongans in New Zealand are prone to committing offences such as manslaughter due to financial problems.

Tongan Lawyer in New Zealand Nalesoni Tupou says families cannot control their children and keep them away from being involved in social offences and cimes.

Many Youths in Auckland are involved with illegal smuggling and consumption of illicit drugs and eventually commit offences such as theft, shop lifting among others.

In the coming months 5 Tongans out of 12 being accused will reappear at High Court alleged for the murder of an Asian.

Counsel Tupou continues that Tongans are easily bribed with hundreds of dollars compared to large sum of money demanded by other foreigners to commit criminal acts.

He says it all goes back to broken families with parent’s opting to care more about other things than their children.

Tupou acknowledged families who look afterl their children well in Auckland also mention 10-12% of inmates are Tongan men and women.

Last year census recorded 50,000 Tongan lives in New Zealand.

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